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Right now, there are hundreds of legitimate horse rescues across the country. The problem is finding them. If an individual chooses to search for a horse from a rescue, they must hunt and peck their area of the country and randomly type in searches to try to find a site and then search each site individually. It is exhausting and difficult.

As a life long equestrian, foster mom of horses that have been rescued and a donor to equine rescues, I wracked my brain trying to think of a way my family could help more horses awaiting homes. The rescue of the horse is often the easy part. After the rescue, finding a foster home or adoptive home can be a long, difficult and expensive process. Amigo, our current adorable foster horse, inspired an idea of how my family and I could better invest in this cause we all share. We have developed this site (and soon, apps for this site) for the horses. We hope you find this site to be user-friendly. You can search locally or nationally for the horse of your dreams. You can also search by gender, age, and breed, or all of the above. By creating an extensive interactive website, we hope to save the rescues the cost of building and maintaining such a website while allowing their horses, and their rescue, national exposure.

The purpose of this venture is to help the horses by making them easier to find online, which, in turn, gives them more exposure. With more exposure, we can more efficiently promote the horses, which will lead to more horses being re-homed. The more than can be re-homed, the more that can be saved from slaughter.

We welcome you to The Peppermint Bar! We hope you find the horse of your dreams on our site. If you are a rescue, we hope you join Team Peppermint Bar in placing horses. It takes a village and this is the place for our village to meet!


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