Defensa Animal de Rincon Puerto Rico

Listed Horses
Did you know Defensa is currently THE ONLY 501c3 Animal Rescue Group on the Island of Puerto Rico helping the unwanted and in-need street horses? It costs us on average $500 to minimally help a street horse! That cost can go up to $1000 when you add the time, feeding, housing, vetting and care required to help an unwanted horse be wanted!!! But we do it because of people like you who read, care, share and donate! Currently no government agency helps Defensa with funding, although we continue to ask for it from them!! If you are a local land owner please consider allowing us to fence and maintain your land for temporary housing of our rescued horses for adoption. We hope you enjoy the photos and rescue stories on our pages & our current rescued horses. To learn about adopting a horse from us in Puerto Rico or Miami please visit Thank you!