Deo's Secret

Deo's Secret ("Deo)
2008 Bay 15.1h Registered Thoroughbred Mare

Looking for a fun project to bring along? Deo's a beautiful Thoroughbred mare whose looking for somebody to help her reach her full potential. This California-bred mare raced only a handful of times before retiring. Her owner intended to breed her, but never did. She's not had much retraining since her race days, but is ready to go in whatever direction you'd like. We can see her doing well in dressage or pleasure/hunter riding on the flat. She's a beautiful mover, and is a real looker. Due to a very small rim fracture of her RF coffin bone, Deo may not hold up for a jumping career. It doesn't cause her any issues in the pasture or being ridden on the flat. Deo's head-mare in a herd, and gets very bonded to her friends. Her ideal adopter is somebody with a lot of experience retraining OTTB's, and somebody who has a true love of mares (as Deo defines the term "mare"). While Deo may be spunky and confident, she also enjoys people and attention. Deo's not the horse for the inexperienced or timid, but if you have the knowledge and the skills to bring a green horse along, you will find you have a great hidden treasure with Deo's Secret!

Suitable for a Trainer or Advanced Rider experienced in retraining OTTB's.

Adoption Fee: $1,000

Available for: Adoption
Age: 13
Gender: Mare
Color: Bay
Breed :
  • Thoroughbred
Rescue: Lollypop Farm Contact them for more information about Deo