Mony's Sister


Mony's Sister ("Moolah")
2001 Bay 16h Registered Thoroughbred Mare

Looking for a pretty mare to enhance your pasture? Moolah just may be the girl for you. After a short but successful career at the track, Moolah went on to produce 4 foals. While she may have come to us nearly emaciated, this mare has shown her perseverance, and looks like a totally different horse today! Moolah LOVES to be pampered and groomed, and really enjoys people. She will stand in her pasture all day letting you brush her, and tell her what a good girl she is. She has been top mare in the herd here, but isn't a bully. An arthritic right knee prevents her from being ridden, but it doesn't slow her down from running her heart out in the field when she feels like it! Moolah thoroughly enjoys being outside, and would like a home with 24/7 turnout with a run-in. It's better for her knee too. She will show her displeasure for the barn by becoming an anxious worrywart, but if you can give her a field, than you would never see that side of her. We do sedate her for the farrier to trim her just for comfort. She is a real favorite among staff here, and we know the perfect family is out there to give her the retirement she deserves. Moolah is very bonded with Olivia, and we would truly love it if somebody could open their heart and home to both girls.

Suitable as a Companion horse only.

Adoption Fee: $300

Available for: Adoption
Age: 20
Gender: Mare
Color: Bay
Breed :
  • Thoroughbred
Rescue: Lollypop Farm Contact them for more information about Moolah