Carr Girl

Carr Girl ("Sunny")
2001 Chestnut 16h Registered Thoroughbred Mare

While "chestnut mare" and "incredibly sweet" don't often go together in the same sentence, they sure do when describing Sunny! This petite lady had only 1 start at the track many years ago which resulted in injury to her right hind pastern. She isn't rideable anymore, but there's a lot more to her than riding. Sunny absolutely adores being groomed, and will stand there for hours with her eyes closed while you brush her. She loves to snuggle, and enjoys the company of people. Sunny wasn't treated very well over the last several years, but you'd never guess it now. She loves her turnout buddies, and is low-girl on the totem pole. She was alone for over 10 years, so naturally she doesn't like leaving her friends, but she is gradually getting better. She just needs a patient horse-savvy person to continue working on this. Sunny prefers the great outdoors, and really would like a home with 24/7 turnout and a run-in. Because of her old injury, we do give her sedation for the farrier to make her more comfortable. If all of her good qualities aren't enough, she even has a flower-shaped white marking on her left hindquarter! How cute is that?

Suitable as a Companion Horse only.

Adoption Fee: $300

Available for: Adoption
Age: 19
Gender: Mare
Color: Chestnut
Breed :
  • Thoroughbred
Rescue: Lollypop Farm Contact them for more information about Sunny