Pie is an approx. 14yo TN Walking Horse mare that came to us via a private donor that paid her bail from a kill buyer.  It was discovered soon after her quarantine that she was pregnant.  After going full term, sadly, the foal, Iris, died just 48 hours after birth.  She was born with a liver defect that didn't allow her to survive outside the womb.  Pie is currently in foster care and will soon begin professional training so that she can get the tools she needs to be an amazing riding companion.  It is beleived she is an unbroke broodmare  Thank you to Elizabeth Farina at Clarity Riding for helping us with Pie's training.  Pie will be available for adoption once her training is complete.

Available for: Adoption
Age: 14
Gender: Mare
Color: Black
Breed :
  • Tennessee Walking Horse
Rescue: Gaited Advocate Intervention Team, Inc. Contact them for more information about Pie